sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

Lost Dreams

In a box locked in a closet, I keep all the photos and letters.
In these photos you’re holding me, kissing me, making me laugh. In the letters you said how much you love me… So, why we are not together?
Why do you leave me? My heart was in your hands. I though we were happy, but I guess I was wrong.
We used to say to each other : “We have to live our dreams before they fade away” and now, what happened with your dreams?
Everyday… Every second I think about you! And I try to understand what happened with us… I swear, I’m not gonna cry!
All my dreams decline, they fade away and die. All the plans we made together you left behind. You left me with a broken heart…
Tonight I’m gonna cry because all the love that I offer to you was never enough to set you free, was never enough to make you happy.
No, you don’t know what is like to be like me, a person with all your broken dreams…
Do what you want, someday you’ll realize all the bad things you did, and you’ll pay for all the evil that one day you cause to me!
Tonight I’ll close my eyes and free my soul… Tonight I’ll forget you…

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